SLAVE SYSTEM (More then just words)

The word SLAVE as related to African Americans is a misnomer. It is a word that carries a picture of worthlessness, non-feeling non- thinking people who are Black. To correct this problem we must first stop saying the words slavery, slavery time, slave, etc. In its place use the words SLAVE SYSTEM. When you use Slave System you begin to make everyone think about what is the system. It was and is the Slave System that was responsible for keeping our ancestors and many of us from thinking, feeling, dreaming, creating, working together etc.

The dictionary states that a system is a set of interrelated ideas, principles, rules, procedures, laws or the like. The Slave System is exactly that it controlled our ancestors and still controlling us today.

So when you use the word slave in reference to Black people you are only helping to reinforce the Slave System.

So join me in spreading knowledge, Ideas, positive speak and production. Don’t say SLAVE, say Slave System when you or anyone speak of that period of time.

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